About Harley

I opened a Harley Davidson repair shop because motorcycles have always been a part of my life. Not only am I a girl named after the motorcycle, but I’ve also been working on them since I could walk. My Dad and Grandpa have both owned and worked on Harley’s their whole lives. They were both always working on someone’s bike when I was growing up, I learned a lot from them both. I was five years old the first time I rode a Harley, and ever since then I was addicted.

When I was 10 years old my grandfather was in a bad motorcycle accident that took his leg. His bike was completely ruined after the car ran it over, and my grandfather was more upset that his bike was totaled then the fact that they took his leg. When he returned from the hospital he was determined to get back on his bike. He and I sat for weeks getting a new bike put together just perfectly. I got my passion for perfection and working on Harley Davidson’s from him.

I started my own Harley repair shop because my bikes have always been so important to me, they are my most valued possessions. I want to help other people to be able to experience the happiness of owning and riding a Harley. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority; I want each customer to ride away happy.